Housekeeping Series
Kitchen Series
Laundry Series
S.N. Product Name Characteristics
1. 100 DET A Powerful Main Wash Detergent Powder
2. AIO DET All-In-One detergent. Blend of detergents and boosters to give one shot washing.
3. ULTRA DET Economical All-In-One detergent with excellent result.
4. 200S Super Concentrated Emulsifier blend to remove Grease, Food Fats, Oils etc. from fabrics.
5. LIQ DET Specially formulated concentrated liquid main detergent with optical brightener for Modern Laundries.
6. BOOST Alkali booster that is synersised with main detergent to obtain superior cleaning. It can be used for pre-soaking of heavy solied fabrics.
7. OXY BLEACH A color safe bleach, Laundry de-stainer specially formulated for Commercial, Healthcare & On Premised Laundry.
8. SOFTENER Specially Formulated Hydrophilic Softener for soft and supple feel on fabrics.
9. FABRIC CARE Fabric sanitiser to be used in last rinse. It will have residual effect upto 16 hours.
10. LUBE Wash Bath Lubricant which helps in avoiding abrasion and thereby protecting fabrics from pilling & dubbling.
11. BIO POLISH Enzymes based Bio-Polish to remove pilling from fabrics.
12. LIO BLEACH Excellent product for getting best bleaching effect. The Product is based on Chlorine bleaching agent.
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